You are an importer? We can help you to know varied duties and risks, please ask us ..

Trade Contacts

Trade contacts are particularly important because with no contacts in international trade, nothing runs. We already have many contacts abroad and work for some time, together with the factories.

Through a long cooperation there is a relationship of trust and only through a trusted co-create a long-term reliable supply arises that goes to the benefit of our customers. Due to the known trade contacts, we will benefit through these contacts in turn to make new contacts and the contacts we get are usually recommended to contact, it would be only a long and costly research.

We are also working successfully for years with traders along to us, and looking for contacts abroad, especially in Germany and China.

Reduce risks

Of course there are many risks in international trade. The greatest risk is certainly the risk of dubious suppliers. Just at the point of looking for suppliers or preferring not to invest is part of our work.
We choose manufacturers from which will not bring anything negative with experience.

Often you will quickly see whether a potential supplier is really serious as an example to the website or upon how the supplier has a telephone conversation with a native speaker or not. Often you can see very quickly whether a supplier seems to be what he first issued or not. We can greatly minimize the risk but this does not mean that it can be ruled out at 100%.

More security can be achieved by a subsequent factory visit or through a secure method (eg L / C) …

Payments abroad

There are various forms in order to pay to the supplier abroad. Obviously, the security of the importer and also the exporter should be taken into consideration. We try to find your interest and the interest of the exporter and we will try to find the appropriate payment form.